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Default Thermaltake Level 10 GT and Antec Kuhler 920 perfect fit

I've seen some of the custom case jobs around here, really impressive stuff, now here's my computer contructed entirely from non-custom parts.

You'll notice there's no ugly radiator block on the rear fan area.

The tubing is long enough to make it from the bottom to the cpu, even if it blocks modular cabling for the PSU.

There's even a filter to catch the dust.

I like the colour green.

Most people seem to be placing the radiator where the rear fan is, but there's a 12cm fan mount at the bottom that is just perfect for this and gets the ugly radiator out of the side window.
Overall, I'm pleased with the unit, it keeps the CPU at around 36 degrees (Celcius) even under heavy load from prime95 and idle is 22 degrees (Celcius) and it's much quieter then the case fans unlike the noisy stock fan that came with the CPU. You'll notice the AM3 socket (I'm poor) the Kuhler fits it fine but the back plate is cheap and nasty, lucky you can't see it.
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