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Originally Posted by BVickery View Post
Got to agree with Kil.

When my PSU went it took my case, MB and RAM with it.

After reading up some, seems that jonhnyGuru found out that Sirfa are the ones that make the Novatechs. Also, Sirfa are the builder behind the OCZ PSUs
Going on that info, I personally prefer to stay away from it. I would say they are on the same level as OCZ (obviously), Coolermaster and low end Thermaltake. Sure they work, sure they arent complete crap (and are somewhat OK), but they are not what you want to be powering your £1000 rig. Had you said "I want to power my 3850s and my Phenom 9850" I would have said go ahead and use it. In this case though, you are looking at power some hardware that is pretty good, and not something you want to have to buy again.

So I say go with the top brand PSUs, such as Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, XFX (rebranded seasonic I believe), ETC.

Corsair TX 750W ATX2.31 80 PLUS® Bronze certified Power Supply

Buy a cheaper case if you must, but that is a way better psu in my opinion.

Edit: WAIT, hold on...

you are spending double on your case than you are on the psu......

Other way around dude.. case should be one of the lowest costs, apart from maybe the RAM or HDD, on a strict budget build. Look at the CM 912, or better yet the Antec 300

Antec Three Hundred Case - Black - No Psu

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