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My System Specs


Intel C2D E6300 1.86 Ghz, HD5750, Xp Home 32 bit

folding on the V7 beta client for AMD cards-- fahcore 0x16 for every WU

11294 (0,288,18) tpf: 4m34s credit: 1835

11294 (1,301,25) tpf: 4m43s credit: 1835

11294 (15,300,16) tpf: 4m37s credit: 1835

11294 (15,184,167) tpf: 4m33s credit: 1835

My 5750 finished 3 WUs a day, once every 6-8 days it finishes 4 WU. Doesn't matter what I set the clocks on the gpu to, there is no change in the time it takes to finish a WU. I have caused my gpu to shut down trying

There is also no difference in the points for each WU. Due to that one day where I get a fourth WU I am averaging 5767 ppd.

This client is also still a cpu pig. The cpu meter in the task manager shows anywhere from 50% as a minimum to a maximum of 97%. So maybe a better cpu will help it out a bit.
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