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First I thought it was the P4 power connector, but in your pic the other cable is labelled P7 so I doubt P4 means Pentium 4, and could just mean 'power 4' or 'plug 4.' The 'Pentium 4' plug was also only 4 pins, and this one is 6.

There used to be a 6 pin power connector for the mobo back in the day that had a mix of 5 and 3v rails, but was shaped differently. If the PSU is 10 years old, and has that connector, it could be a proprietary connector for the old 6 pin mobo plug.

So if the plugs are labelled 'P1, P2,' etc, and has a weird shaped plug to boot, I would guess this is a power supply from a HP, Compaq, Gateway, etc. and they labelled the plugs and modified the old 6-pin mobo plug.
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