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I really appreciate the help guys, I don't have a lot of time to research these things so it's awesome to be able to get advice on it.

I see what you mean about the other cooler, for half the cost I can get the 212 with a secondary fan, so i am thinking of going that option.

I'm not seeing any good deals on SSD's at the moment and dont really have the time to pour over websites for them, what are peoples thoughts on velociraptor drives?
I/E - Buy Western Digital Velociraptor WD3000HLHX 300GB SATA3 6GB/S 10000RPM 32MB 3.5IN Internal Hard Drive - Others - WD3000HLHX - in Canada

or is this SSD really going to give much of an advantage? - Buy OCZ Vertex 3 120GB 2.5IN SATA3 6Gbps Sandforce SF-2281 Solid State Disk Flash Drive SSD - OCZ Technology - VTX3-25SAT3-120G - in Canada
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