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Default Advice on performance of Intel Pentium P6100.

Hey Canuckers, I'd appreciate some advice on this laptop that I'm looking to buy for university.

Here's a link to the laptop: Gateway Laptop featuring Intel Pentium P6100 (ID49C04H) - Silver : 14" Laptops - Best Buy Canada.

For a computer that costs $350 quid, 4 gigs of RAM and 640 gigs of HD space looks really good; however, I'm first and foremost worried about the processor. I'm fairly knowledgeable when it comes to desktop processors (bought an i5-760 instead of waiting a month for the i5-2600k... d'oh!), but I am completely clueless with regards to portable processors.

My two biggest concerns are whether or not this processor can run Microsoft Office programs at a reasonable speed (no lag would be great, but I can take a little lag), and handle websites without sputtering (as I'll most definitely need to do some research on the internet).

So, I'm pretty much going to be using this laptop for homework at the library at my school (which I'll soon be getting very cozy with). If someone could help prime me on this processor's capabilities, I'd be very grateful (googling has only informed me that the P6100 is a dual-core 2Ghz processor that performs similarly to an i3-350M, which doesn't really help...).
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