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Originally Posted by Jackquelegs View Post
I have a Shock One review sample. The reason it's more expensive is because it's USB, and contains its own DAC. Similar to when you compare the Shock One and the Shock to the Corsair HS1 vs the HS1A respectively. I'm fairly certain they use similar drivers too. So if you're not hellbent on the virtual 5.1 surround then there's really no reason for the Shock One other than simplicity of USB connection. But on another hand, the 5.1 does show its buff in movies.

this was my review of it a while back. Thermaltake eSPORTS Shock One Gaming Headset Review - Everything USB

I still use it til this day since I have no more analogue outputs left on my D2X
I think I will be using them mainly for gaming. Maybe Movies and you are saying that the extra cash i will pay in the shock one will result in getting a more immersive experience only in movies or games as well ?!
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