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Originally Posted by JD View Post
Likewise though, I know SKY said the Vaio Z was a better option, I would respectfully disagree. The current gen Z is a stepdown from previous Z's IMO. Going the external route for graphics is just silly. What's the point of having a laptop if you need to plug it into a power outlet and carry a clunky external station in order to fully use it's power? Sony's S-series is likely a more in-line competitor as it still offers the 1600x900 matte screen and dedicated graphics.
Then we'll agree to disagree. I am a mobility junky and I can tell you that Sony has done the perfect thing. I personally don't give a damn about high performance when I am running off the battery or if I am on a business trip. What I need is something that gives me long battery life and the ability to work on basic applications and that's exactly what the CPU + IGP on Sandy Bridge accomplishes. When I get home, I may use the dock but otherwise? Likely not.

To give you an example, I have a Vaio Z 1290 with the switchable NVIDIA GPU. Since I've had the laptop, guess how many times I've actually switched it to the discrete card? Never. That's right, never.

For the market this notebook is targeted at, the new Z is an absolutely perfect fit while the Series 9 tries to compete ($2300, remember?) but really doesn't.
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