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My System Specs


Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Ever since I bought my Sammy laptop I've wondered where the intake for the cooling system is. All those little tiny vents seem too small to get any decent amount of air through.
Your QX411 is likely identical to my QX412 and I tore it apart :)
Samsung QX412
It basically pulls air in over the hard drive bay and then exhausts it out the back.

And I totally agree, the 9-series has lack luster specs and the wireless issues are the most concerning, especially at the price they are asking. ULV CPU, no dedicated graphics and low-resolution screen. Definitely doesn't warrant it's $2000 price tag. Even at $1200 it's a bit of a stretch. The "ultrabook" platform that Intel is pushing for Q4 will introduce many other competitors at the sub-$1000 price point (claims Intel).

Likewise though, I know SKY said the Vaio Z was a better option, I would respectfully disagree. The current gen Z is a stepdown from previous Z's IMO. Going the external route for graphics is just silly. What's the point of having a laptop if you need to plug it into a power outlet and carry a clunky external station in order to fully use it's power? Sony's S-series is likely a more in-line competitor as it still offers the 1600x900 matte screen and dedicated graphics.

The ASUS U36 is definitely a competitor though and I was going to get that over my QX412, but for $200 more I got a 128GB SSD, faster i5 2520M (with more virtualization support since I use VMware fairly extensively) and 2GB more RAM, it was hard to beat. Plus the ASUS wasn't in stock. Sure, the QX412 is thicker/heavier but I wanted performance.
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