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Default Laptop extremely slow after about 3-5 minutes

Looking at my friend's laptop right now. Running Windows 7, AMD Dual core 2.1GHz with 2gb ram. Pretty standard for most.

For some reason, his computer ends up going super slow after 5ish minutes. (Menus constantly not responding, opening ctrl+shift+esc takes like 2-3minutes, etc) Reboot, same thing happens.

The install of windows is fairly new, about 2 months old with maybe 20 hours of use on it. Pretty much no programs installed except for office, firefox and spybot S&D (which were installed within the first week he reinstalled windows) Problem started about a week ago.
Laptop does not get even warm before it slows down.
Task manager shows CPU and Memory below 20% whenever it happens.

Now my question is, is this very likely the HDD going bad? I haven't run a scan on it yet with the respective HDD utility, but my gut is that the HDD is bad.

Other than that, Any ideas what it could be?
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