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Originally Posted by Witch King View Post
What's the best IPS (or even TN) monitor for gaming?

My budget is $400, and I'm looking for 23"-24" size. Please don't recommend dell U2311H. I've had 4 of them, and all of them were garbage (tinting, bleeding, ghosting issues).

The 2209WA is indeed an awesome gaming display with almost no lag, and still probably one of the most responsive IPS panels out there. The only thing to look out for is that the first few batches had a slight blue to pink tint on whites. If you're ok with 1680x1050 on a 22" display it's great.

I miss it

I saw your post on - and thankfully since the two trolls there (Senna89 and Hydros/oled) aren't here I can recommend the Dell U2412M as a solid choice.

It is basically the new 24" version of the 2209WA (which I used to have and still adore) without the ability to go 75hz, which is unheard of at 1920x1200 anyways. Pixel responsiveness is good and input lag is as low as the 2209WA.

Also, since it's LED back-lit it comes to full brightness within a minute or two and uses very little power. It also has four USB ports, but no card reader. It usually runs between $349.99 and $399.99 Canadian, and a bit less in the U.S.

Here is my initial quickie review over on [H]ardforum [H]ard|Forum - View Single Post - Dell U2412M

and the input lag test I did: [H]ard|Forum - View Single Post - Dell U2412M with some rambling about it basically having zero lag (like the 2209WA)

I did some more gaming on it last night. I played the Witcher (original version) and did a lot of camera spins and pans to see if I could detect ghosting/reverse ghosting and I couldn't see any.

Another potential option is the new PLS panel from Samsung, the S24A850DW but it seems to be running in the mid $400.00 range in the U.S. so it may be a bit out of your budget. PLS is basically Samsung's take on IPS. Unfortunately there haven't been any shipped yet so quality is unknown.

Good luck!

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