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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Madeinedmundston View Post
Isn't that what we try NOT to title stuff?

I'm not too sure what that is about - I can extract...
  • Your budget is $200
  • You want a non-AMD GPU that can outperform a 9800GTX+ and support DirectX11
  • Your CPU is a Core i5 (I assume the 2500k in your my system specs?)
  • You for some reason don't want the GPU to bottleneck the CPU
For $200 you're looking at a GTX 460 1 GB ($160ish), GTX 470 ($190ish), or a GTX 560 non-Ti ($190ish) new, or maybe a GTX 560Ti used if you're patient. I don't know if your budget includes shipping and taxes. A GTX 550 Ti is a tier lower than the aforementioned cards at $110-$135. Any of those cards of which will nicely outperform a 9800GTX+. Whether the performance is worth the money depends on what you need out of the card.

EDIT: ninja'd by OP
See if reviews for any of the cards I listed show what you want to play and decide from there. I'm not familiar with ES5's requirements.
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