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My System Specs


I've successfully unlocked 6 reference 6950's (all exact same model) I am able to run them at 975 with a bump in voltage to 1.250v these are running 100% 24/7. Was also able to do 1000 at the full 1.300v allowed by Trixx, all of this with under clocked memory at 300 (not effecting what I'm doing with them, but not sure of memory limits I never tried them)

I don't have any gaming benchmarks for ya but as far as bitcoin mining goes a stock 6950 does about 330mhash, unlocked up to 360mash, over clocked to 975 gets 405mhash. So I'm about 23% up on a stock card as far as bitcoin mining goes. These are sapphire 2gb models, they were about $230 a couple months ago, brand new on eBay.

Then I got a newer revision of the 2gb sapphire 6950, one large fan in the middle. No dual bios so I haven't tried the unlock, but it only does 925 stable, 370mhash.

Have an A-1 day!

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