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you will probably benefit more from a cpu+mobo upgrade than a gpu upgrade which will,yes,be bottlenecked heavily.

look up ncix specials for a 2500 build.

its like you have a 4 cyl truck and you need to haul 8k pounds,. sure you can buy and install an old v8 in there, but the cost vs

future of the rig wont be worth it.

edit :

Originally Posted by Kartoon87 View Post
errrrrr......... bf3 is like here. I dont know what to do.
what about getting a ncix prebuilt comp is there anyway i can get it for under 700 and run max settings on battlefield 3

2500k and mobo and 8 gigs should be around 350-400 depending on the mobo,ram.

50-70 for psu

around 200 for the card

and so on.
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