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Default Advice for CPU Cooling and Case

I'm upgrading to a 2600k + asus p8z68-z pro system and trying to figure out the best solution in terms of case and cooling. I'm budget sensitive and I won't be going for max OC. Maybe a moderate OC after the system has been stable for a month or so. So a DIY setup just isn't for me..

That being said, what would you suggest for a cooling option and case?

Currently, I'm looking at the Corsair Carbide 400r case with a Hydro H100 or H80 cooling system using Noctua NF-P12 on the rad to keep the noise down. That h100 is a noisy beast.

But I'm open to new ideas and suggestions in case I'm overlooking a better setup of either an air or a water cooling systems.

Thanks guys!
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