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My System Specs


With the new changes in bigadv units bonus system a budget folding is not really a good thing. From no matter what standpoint you would look at it, building from used parts or buying something new, you would to spend at least 400-450$ to build an 8 thread rig capable of processing bigadv. And just 8 thread would not be enough. It needs to be overclocked pretty serious to be a good producer. A Corei7 920@2.66 needs to be clocked at around 4GHz to get something good from it. With 450$ you can get 4 GTS 450 that will produce well in excess of 40kppd, while a Core i7 @4.0 GHz would do only 25k. Admittedly you will need a serious mobo to install 4 double slots videocards but the initial investment effort is smaller and you can add videocards later on the way. For the moment the GTS 450 is considered the best producer/watt producing more than a 460GTX with average production well in excess of 10k PPD. 550GTX Ti is also a good producer, for the short period I had it the card was producing 13k PPD. So, for myself, I will be focusing on acquiring parts for a platform for GPU folding, most probably I will get an AM3/AM3+ platform with at least 3 pcie 16x slots capable of getting dual slots cards on all the ports. Thank you all for your input and if you have some more thoughts feel free to ad.
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