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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Theolonious View Post
Thank you very much. My only problem is that I'd like a 6-slot memory mobo, and I can't seem to find any with the 1155 socket. Is that many slots only supported on the 1336?
You tend to find 6 slots on a 1366 mobo because a 1366 cpu is triple-channel (two ram slots per channel). An 1155 cpu is dual-channel, so you tend to see 4 slots.

The new 2011 boards I have seen only have had 4 ram slots as well. Here is a thread with a few pictures:
Computex 2011 - X79 motherboards

My guess is that those 2011 boards will come with 4 slots like pictured, or 8 slots if mobo manufacturers can fit the ram slots, and if it will work reliably.

While there could be some odd-ball mobo out there that is non-1366 with 6 ram slots, it is not typical and I don't know of any.

So I think your requirements of future-proof, plus 6 ram slots might be unrealistic. Good news is, RAM is fairly inexpensive, especially if you are in the market/tier for 1366 and possibly 2011 boards.
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