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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
The i7 you would upgrade to later on would have to be lga 1155. The new chips coming out soon are lga 2011, which would not be compatible with the 1155 boards out now. 1155 and 2011 will run at the same time for quite a while.

That said, lga 2011 will be a very expensive platform it seems. It is aimed at enthusiasts, while 1155 is mainstream (but still performs excellent).

I am not sure what the lifespan of lga 1155 might be, but the socket was only introduced this spring, so it should be around for a while. IMO, its a great time to go 1155, as the boards have matured a little.

If you must have the latest, and you have a high budget, wait for 2011 (approx this xmas..maybe just after). Otherwise, 1155 should be a great platform for a while, and would be your best bet.
Thank you very much. My only problem is that I'd like a 6-slot memory mobo, and I can't seem to find any with the 1155 socket. Is that many slots only supported on the 1336?
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