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Originally Posted by BootlegUsher View Post
One question, when using the arconis true image software, does it just work once or can you use it multiple times. I have three computers I may upgrade with SSD's in the future, so if I bought this for my main PC, and used the software for all three PCs, it would make more sense to get the upgrade kit.

Also, its too bad you couldn't get into the casing of the SSD, some other sites did and have pictures of thick thermal tape applications put on the inside components. It turns the casing into a big heatsink and could have been one more point in the "pros" section of the summary.
Like most of the versions included with a storage product it is my understanding that you can use it as many times as you wish, just as long as one of the drives involved in the process are a Kingston drive. Both WD and Seagate offer their own free download version so you should be able use SOME version regardless of what drives are involved. ;)

Originally Posted by The Quicken View Post
I am curious about Kingston SSD's, considering one for my new build strictly for my OS (win 7 Pro or Ultimate).

128gb or larger?
All I can say is that I really, really like the HyperX line. I have used Kingston SSDs in the past and they are very good company to do business with.

When people look at getting a SSD what I always tell them is: Pick your budget, then pick your size, then pick your controller.
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