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[quote=ipaine;51672]... I am very aware of the "cable management" issues in my case. I have thought of doing some cutting and re-routing but have decided that I'll just wait until I get either a new case or get rid of the 3 IDE hard drives. Those damn IDE cables are just evil to work with./quote]

Dude! There is only so much youy can do with the 900! Especially with that PSU and it's thick tenticals... err bundle of cables!

Always room for improvement, but you have it manageable and of course need the extras like the sunbeam fan controller, to make it more pleasurable to use. It all adds up to quite a bit of wire to stash in a case with no stash room.

I prefer ribbon IDE instead of rounded. Rounded ends up taking up more room in the end, but sometimes it's worth the tradeoff. If you take your time with ribbon IDE, keeping them parallel to the airflow and fold them for making right angle turns, they can easily be burried underneath everything else, take up virtually no room and sometimes be mostly invisible. For me, rounded are the PITA, always springing out of place and adding inches to the bundle in cable stash. One situation that I use rounded is in my HD-setup/server system, it's such a long haul from the MB to the drive that my longest ribbon cable is almost taunt and completly blocking airflow. Popped in an extra long rounded cable I had, and poof... gone! Outta sight! Routed behind (in a case with gobs of space), you can hardly see it.

From what I see, it looks like the bulk of your, ummm, bulk, is made up of blue rounded cable? Try replacing one with ribbon, burried under the works, and see if it helps. If it does, go for the next one! I'd love to see updated pics if you try!

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