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My System Specs


I have bought this and so far here are the pros and cons after about 2 hours of use:

- you can setup two cell phones (I have setup an Android and an iPhone). You walk in the house and automatically connects (see cons though)
- voice quality is excellent. Range is excellent
- imported my iphone numbers automatically. Have not tested the sync
- uses the home phone line by default. Can set a cell phone only mode as well
- paid $100 tax in for three handsets and a base with answering machine, Can get for about $20 cheaper if you want only two sets
- useful if you have dead spots in your house
- can setup specific ring tones for each phone, so you know which phone is getting the call
- takes AAA rechargeable batteries. Handy when they need to be replaced a few years from now.

- if you turn your phone off, you have to manually pair the devices. You can come and go from your house, and it will automatically connect, but not if you turn the device off.
- a very short pause when answering, and when making a call. However, conversation seems to work flawlessly once the connection is done.

So far after a bit of testing, works well. Will play around with it for a few weeks before I go ahead and cancel the land line, but if i had a cell-only setup I would def keep it.

Hmmm... I really like that, i'll have to investigate.

If you can pair more then 1 phone to the thing it would be great.

Get home, drop wifeys and my cell beside it with charger, all phone calls coming in on the cells can be taken from wireless phones in the house.
Skylls: this is exactly how it seems to work.
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