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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
All I will add is to stay away from the Transformer. It's cool and all but it is under powered and you will have issues with HD content. Also the build quality is seriously lacking. It's all over the place. It was a great first try, but there will be much better available before the holidays. Specifically the tab 10.1.

I'm a former TF101 owner ... just killed it last week ... spilled chocolate milk on it .. LOL. Not a good day. Now I have a useless keyboard for it.
I am not having the same problems that you seem to have experienced. My TF's build is solid, and if you try and keep it dry, I think all will be well. Underpowered is a bit of a vague term, compared to my i7 it sure is underpowered, compared to other tablets, it seems pretty standard in the CPU/GPU department. My short experience with the device is that it streams just fine, and plays off the device just fine. If anything, the software needs to mature a bit more, that's all. I an trying VPlayer, and I did try Diceplayer as well... both handled my mkv files fine (encoded h.294 and aac).

Each person's experience with a device is differnt though, so I don't discount yours.
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