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i wasn't sure if the i3 would be suffcient for 1080p gaming or not. (not much experince with the i3's mostly just i7's but that's over kill.) I will take a look at the i3's and the mobos for such.

On the graphics card front i will take a look at the 6870. Mostly the games i play are racing and fps. I can't wait to try out portal2 on my 96" HD projection system :)

OK so here is the new rig setup.

Core i3-2100
Asus P8P67
XFX Radeon 6870
4GB Kingston KVR1333 2GBx4
WD Black 1TB
Antec 300
Corsair HX-650

After taxes without PM $916 Doesn't include any rebates or such. After some searching and changes i have gotten price down to around $816 after taxes. :)
and now for something completely different

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