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Originally Posted by Slik View Post
I purchased the CMs for my wife. She tried all the headphones I have,and out of all,she preferred the Tritton 510 HDa set. The fact that the CMs were both USB and analog,and that it seemed they were very light,I figured,what the hell,we will try them. After a few hours of gaming,she went back to the Tritton's. More comfortable and better sound with analog over CMs USB. The Tritton's also fit better around her ears where the CMs pinched a bit. Overall though,the new CMs are damn good for the price. $108 at Newegg.
I remember trying them on when the CM rep dropped by. I guess I have a fat head or something, the CM definitely feel more comfortable for me vs the Tritton PC510 HDA.

Of course the Corsair HS1 were the most comfortable, and by far. I gave them away to a co-worker though :P
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