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My System Specs


i have a GTX 460, a GTS 250, and a 9800GTX+. CPUs on both platforms are Phenom II quads, 940 and 840.
update :
I noticed on the system where I have 2 cards folding that PPD production from the smp client when running on all 4 cores ( Phenom II X4 840@3.2GHz ) is the same as when running 2 cores only (around 3800 PPD) so clearly having multiple GPU clients running in the same time chokes the CPU. On the other system where I have only one card folding, PPD production of the smp client is almost double, north of 6000 PPD, CPU is a Phenom II X4 940@3GHz on slight ovc to 3.3GHz. That is why my new system will feature a 6 core Phenom II X6, to run smp on 4 cores and leave 2 others to manage the system and ordinary tasks.

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