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Originally Posted by Slik View Post
I was referring to the inability to adjust the volume when using 5.1 analog. This was NOT clarified in any promotional info available. I called CM support over this and the tech rep was not aware of that concern. He said he owned a set,but used the USB and didn't find out. His name is Marvin and he was just as surprised as I was to find no volume control. He also said they would change thier web site to indicate that information. I'm fully aware that you can't use USB software with analog modes. My concern was the lack of a volume control for the analog connection method. You can set the volume from you sound card or windows,but once you're in game,there is no way. Apparently,CM has a module or something in the works.
delivering accurate real-time 360 degree audio that is fully adjustable through its tactical mixing console.
Taken from the main page
CM Storm Products: Sirus

Now I agree that it does not say a lick of info about analog anywhere on that page so it would be safe to assume that they are talking about USB connections.

If you go to the review linked on the Sirus's Page and read the review linked, CM Storm Sirus Headset Review | Hardware Secrets
The console requires two USB ports to be connected. If the user chooses the analog connection, he/she forgoes the console, but still needs to have a spare USB port to light up the CM Storm logo.
IDK , and dont take me the wrong way it is the internet, but I knew that if using the analog connections that the software and chipset's higher functions would not work and after seeing the 2 different connections on line figured out pretty darn quick that the pod was not used in analog mode.

I will write up something on the CM Storms FAQ though that clearly states that the Tactical Pod is only available to use in USB mode tonight.

I do agree that at least volume/mute/micmute would have been damn useful via the pod.

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My knuckles are bleeding from fishing through walls a new CAT6 network cable... I found fresh, untapped electrical outlets...
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