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I wouldn't call myself a F@H Guru but I have bounced between a lot of CPU + GPU combinations folding...

Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
what is the best combination of SMP anf GPU folding in the same time?
I think even with the lesser bigadv penalty, the best "combination" for points / power consumption in dedicated folding, would actually be a Core i7 2600k OC'd like crazy on a Z68 board with the IGP giving you the desktop. Unless something changed, a 2600k on its own can outproduce any GPU for the same wattage. Now if you HAVE the GPU and CPU already, you might as well fold on both.

Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
If you do SMP better leave a core of your multicore CPU free for the GPU client too? Like let's say you have a 6 core Phenom II, you SMP fold with 4 cores and leave 2 other cores for managing the GPU clients, or how is best (yielding best production together)?
Only if you GPU is folding ATI GPU2 or is a low-end nVidia GPU.
If you have a low-end GPU or are using the older ATI client, the GPU folding will eat a sizeable portion of one core's CPU usage. If you see more than ~5% CPU usage out of your GPU clients combined, then leave a core free for these clients. From what I've seen, if >10% of a core is being used up, the SMP points generation drops so much that you might as well not fold on that core. Recall a WU's behaviour varies a lot depending on the platform you are using + the WUs themselves are different, so you may have to experiment.

What you can do is complete a WU with SMP only, and then try again with SMP + GPU client(s). See if the GPU folding can make up for the penalty you take from the SMP getting disrupted. If you're folding mid to high-end nVidia cards, even from older generations, you should easily produce more GPU points than you are penalized SMP points.
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