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My System Specs


Here you have a screenshot with one of my GTS 250 at work, no overclock, default values for chip/shaders/memory. You should be able to get these at no more than 60$ locally. For the value is quite a good PPD producer. If you need to get an estimate of what kind of production you can expect from different cards you might want to look here : Folding@Home GPU PPD Database - -

Now a question for the gurus of folding here at HWC : what is the best combination of SMP anf GPU folding in the same time? If you do SMP better leave a core of your multicore CPU free for the GPU client too? Like let's say you have a 6 core Phenom II, you SMP fold with 4 cores and leave 2 other cores for managing the GPU clients, or how is best (yielding best production together)? We exclude the case that we do only SMP folding, we talk about the case of SMP and GPU folding in the same time.
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