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Default Water disappearing from loop?

Folks banging my head over this one.

My folding rig (see the "Foldy" specs in my system info) is a pretty simple setup. After I put the loop together about a year and a bit ago, I noticed last winter that the water levels in my EK tube 150 res had gone down to the point where air was being sucked into the pump (could hear the bubbles in the loop). So I checked for leaks, and refilled the res. Checked again and found no sign of a leak (ie wetness, or residue from the coolant). I use distilled with dazmode additive.

A month or so later, I tore down the loop and cleaned everything up. Assembled the loop, remembering that I somehow lost coolant prior. I was thinking evaporation, so I was careful to make sure everything was sealed tight and nothing was open. Also looked around the case to make sure there were no coolant stains etc (the dazmode additive left a white residue on another rig that I had that did in fact sign of it here).

Got home from summer vacation last week, and again heard bubbles flowing through the loop. Again, the res was almost empty. I cannot find a leak anywhere, and as far as I can tell no open gaps where water could evaporate, as far as I can tell of course.

What is going on here? Normal over 6-8 months? Only thing I can think is this is just an instance where I did not bleed air out of the loop good enough, and it eventually makes its way into the res?
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