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My System Specs


Well I managed to squeeze another 200MHz OC out of this board. I set a really low VID so the motherboard's habit of applying way more voltage than it actually needs in turbo mode is lessened.

I had to set the voltage control to "static" (which doesn't actually mean static if turbo core is on) and kept the amps and watts settings for the turbo core limits at their defaults. Otherwise, the board will downclock to non-turbo after a while. With a VID of 1.1V and the all the turbo multipliers set to x38, I get this:

I can't push it much higher than x38 multi because of the downclock limit. Even at x38 it will downclock to x37 running Prime95 or so because of the board exceeding the turbo mode power limit. Anyway it doesn't downclock when doing SMP folding so that's what matters for me

BTW, this is back with my Megahalems that has a mounting system that chokes the VRMs from any form of airflow, so this isn't too bad.
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