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On the DX you can upmix music with Dolby Prolgic IIX. You can listen to MP3 in stereo or upmix them to 5.1 with Prologic IIX. It sounds good and has settings for fading from front to rear and front imaging width. I have no idea about that slot, just use a PCI-E slot. This card has great sound quality also for the price. If your considering buying one just make sure the company has a good return policy so if you don't like it, you can return it.
To note; The Dolby Digital Live output would Not upmix on it's own. DDL encodes whatever audio format is sent to it. If you want MP3 to be in 5.1 you would have to use Dolby Prologic IIx and then send out to Dolby Digital Live! Hope this Helps.

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