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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
i found the Xeon X3440@245 on, it has 4 cores/8 threads and in general Asrock motherboards are one of the few (besides Intel) that offer support for the Xeons. Now my question is how overclockable are these Xeon models and what do I need as a cooler for them? How far will the stock cooler go?
You can get X3440's for $210-$230 new if you look hard enough.

In terms of compatibility, you *might* not need to get a board that explicitly states X3440 support. The chip is fundamentally the same as an i7 860/860s. I'm running mine off a GA-H55M-USB3, which doesn't offer support, but it works.

As for cooling, the key difference between this Xeon and the regular i7's are thermals. The X3440 has the same TDP, but it takes more of a thermal beating. Any thermal throttling you run into will be because of VRM temps. I wouldn't go as far as overclocking on stock cooling, but a cheap cooler should net you very good results.

As for overclocking, it's either a really lucky chip or something that's just as good as the i7 equivalent. So you're pretty much guaranteed 3.8ghz with reasonable volts, however YMMV so don't quote me on this 100%. I myself got a pretty insane chip, it does 3.8ghz at 1.168v, pulling 110-130W from the socket and less than 180W from the wall while folding. I could probably push some fairly good clocks with a better board, but I'm pretty happy with the power consumption.

I would personally go for another cheap X3440 or a 2600k/z68 if I had cash laying around for another folding rig and air conditioning.
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