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Default Xonar DX

I've been thinking about moving away from Creative, but I was wondering how this would fare with the X-Fi XtremeMusic? I have Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 speakers which use analog inputs.

Main concern is, does the DX upconvert stereo sources to 5.1 via Dolby Digital or something? On my X-Fi it's called CMSS-3D which takes my MP3s and what not and turns them into 5.1. If it does, how well does it work? I know most people like to listen to their stereo audio in stereo but I'd rather it be upmixed to 5.1.

I run Vista so EAX isn't a big concern to me. I haven't used Alchemy once, nor do I run old games that rely on EAX.

One more thing, any idea if this would work in the first PCIe on the Maximus Formula? Apparently its only for the SupremeFX, but I don't see why I couldn't use something else in it's slot...
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