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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
FYI, future reviews will also have WiFi testing. I'm going to be setting up 6 wireless routers, each with its own network address at different levels / areas throughout our duplex. The first 2-4 should be easy to pick up for every notebook (being on the 1st and second levels) but the fifth and sixth will be a huge challenge since they will be in the garage and basement.

As it stands, my Vaio Z picks up all 6 while the ASUS G74SX picks up all six as well. The N53SV on the other hand sees 4 while the Samsung Series 9 I have for an upcoming review sees...well, a lot less than that.
Sounds like a great idea! Make sure to include the brand of wireless adapter in the laptops too. I've noticed that you generally get three different makes Intel, Realtek, and Broadcom. I've had ok success with Broadcom but great success with Intel.
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