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i second some the options expressed here.

1. Get an external drive. If your really paranoid take up a level and get an iosafe.
2. The windows back is fine. I used to be truly horrible back in the 98 days. But i believe IIRC (so don't quote me on this) that windows back up is basically a veritas backup system rebranded for Windows. Also keep in mind that home premium can not backup to a network location.
3. I have used 2 other backup programs and they worked just as well (paragon drive image 9 pro, Acronis True Image)

I wouldn't bother with a whole drive backup as you will run out of backup space quickly. first i would look at what data is non-replaceable (ie: Itunes Downloads, Pictures, School Work, etc) then if i still have room put other things on there.

I would get an IO safe and just backup to that. They are fairly rugged and can stand up to alot on punishment.
and now for something completely different

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