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To be honest, I rarely say "pick X" no matter what the scenario is as it mainly comes down to what your priorities are. Like I said in the intro, longevity vs performance vs price (vs CS). We all balance these main factors off and so too do the mfg'ers. If I was to pick a 240GB ONFi 2 based SF2281, the Kingston would be right up there. There is a lot to like about it with not much to not like.

Using 5K Intel NAND is a major point in this drive's favour. So too is Kingston's Customer Service rep. This is the company who instead of continuing to sell a drive that they knew would not get the TRIM firmware update...(most likely) took a major financial hit and EOL'ed it (the 40GB V). When companies are willing to do this, they really are "walking the walk" and not just "talking the talk" when it comes to CS.
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