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My System Specs


At 4GHz, the 2600k will output ~32k ppd, depending on the unit of course. I'm currently getting ~34k ppd just on regular smp units, but I'm running my processor at 4.8GHz. I used to run at 4.1GHz before I upgraded my cooler, and I was running bigadv for a while, even after they changed the points, and I was running around where I mentioned for a 690x unit. I did pick up a 2686 unit, and iirc, that worked out to ~24k ppd.

If it's going to be dedicated, I would go with the 2600k and clock it around 4.4 - 4.5GHz (depends on your cooler and what you're comfortable running 24/7). That would yield you the most points with the least amount of electricity consumed ... a definite win-win.

Edit: I realized that I didn't answer your question about Win 7 ... in short, yes, you can run bigadv in windows, the 6.34 version of the smp client will handle it (I'm using this currently), along with the new version 7 client (have used this in the past).

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