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Default budget bigadv folding rig

I am flirting with the idea of getting a folding rig for the bigadv units. I know that i need at least 8 cores for that so I am asking some questions here. Can it be done with Win 7?
I was looking at an Opteron based platform and while the CPUs required for that would not cost much, the motherboard required has kinda some high prices. From what I have read already for an Opteron based platform you need at least Opteron 23xy CPUs, these are the quad core versions and you can put 2 on a mobo to get the 8 necessary threads. Now on Intel side you can start with the Xeon 53xx series on LGA771 socket and of course you would need again 2 of them to get the necessary 8 threads. Mobos for dual lga 771 are far cheaper, i spotted a mobo on ebay for an HP xw6400 workstation around 65$ in Canada and it would accept the quad core Xeons. As a plus also has 2 mechanical X16 PCIE slots for some additional GPU folding. Any ideea how much PPD production can you get with such a setup, let's say 2 xeons at 2 GHz? I guess would be the half of what you get out of an i7 2600k at 4GHz?
would it be simpler to rely on GPU folding? a 3 x16 PCIEX slots mobo can be had for around 100$ and throwing in 3 GTS 250 cards would yield around 20kppd for around the same budget as building a budget bigadv folder. What do you think of it?
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