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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
There is so much wrong with this comment I dont even know where to begin....screw it. I'll just say that who in their right mind thinks the 4 series is better than the 5? The 4 ran hotter, slower and used more juice than the 5s...ESPECIALLY the 580 vs know the one that the OP is not even talking about but you seem so focused on.

I am glad you build your own rigs, but eleven years aint jack; nor does it matter a hill of beans. I've met idjiots that "build their own rigs" and I have met smart people who come to me to buy prebuilts. Building a rig is easy...getting it to WORK right is the hard part. This comes from someone who have been doing it for well over two decades now...crap it will be three in about year and a half's time. Man that makes feel old.

To the OP: Both are good kit you have chosen to pick from. TBH, if there is a big dif in price...get the cheaper, otherwise (and as others have said), ati for higher res, nv for lower. UNLESS you dont mind OC'ing. The 560s usually OC better....BUT it is a crap shoot. Figure out your budget, comfort level and you will be golden.

well said. he has posted the same opinion in multiple threads. opinions are welcome, but i am not sure if this one is justified.
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