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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Valamyr View Post
Wow... I'm impressed !

I guess the "PSU calculators" just tend to be very conservative to ensure no one runs into issues then? Or this hardware is particularly easy on power consumption?
The PSU calculators always gave me conservative numbers - none of them would say that I could use a quad core overclocked + GTX 550 Ti overclocked on a 375W power supply
Another thing the calculators probably consider is that lower quality or older designs for PSUs don't have as strong a +12V rail, where everything except HDDs and maybe USB are powered from these days. If you had a CoolerMaster Elite PSU at the same wattage as the Corsair your configuration would not work because CMs at the low end have a weak +12V.

Since I don't have any set of components that can overload a 600W power supply anymore, I estimate my computers power consumption these days by attaching whatever it is to the 600W PSU and measuring the wattage with a power meter. That takes most of the guesswork out, assuming the new PSU is as efficient or more efficient that my old 600W.
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