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Originally Posted by peasofme View Post
i'm going to go i3 2100. and was thinking to crossfire two 4850's. what psu would i need?
don't do it unless its next to free. Wait for a decent single card upgrade down the road. Given your monitor and current gaming you mentioned I think you would be content on your 4850 with the upgrades I listed until a new GPU is in your funds (though a monitor should still come next). The 520w power supply I suggested would definitely power a decent single graphics card with no problem and should be enough for dual 4850 if you really felt that it was a good idea (IMO its not...unless the price VERY low).

If you care for a quick and dirty on power supplies the 12volt rail is what matters in new computers. Your current power supply (which is likely overrated) is stated at 13amp on one 12v rail and 16amp on a second 12v rail (assuming my quick newegg search gave me the correct power supply by broadway). The 520w PSU I linked to is a seasonic designed power supply (excellent brand) that is quite solid and is rated at 40 amp on a single 12v rail. All power supplies are not equal and cheap power supplies rarely if ever are able to even put out the amount of power they claim they can.
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