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Default Recycling old system: will this PSU be enough?

Hello all. I brought new hardware recently and am trying to recycle the old one by putting most of it in an old case and giving it away to a friend, but I've kept my old (good) PSU for the new system, and thus the sole PSU I have on hand is really "on the edge" on the requirements of this aging hardware and I want to know if you guys think I'd run into serious issues cobbling this together.

The recycled ld box would basically be a A8N-E motherboard, a 3.0ghz core duo 2 cores, a 9800GTX+ (recommends 450w, but only requires 26amp on the 12v and the psu delivers 28), a single dvd-reading drive and a single 7200rpm disk. 4go of DDR2, an audigy soundblaster card and a floppy drive. The PSU I have for this is a brand new corsair cx430. Only 430 watts. Nothing would be OC'd and this system wouldnt be used for very demanding tasks most of the time anymore, the new owner would be a casual user.

Specs and review:
Builder Series
Corsair CX430 Power Supply Review | Hardware Secrets > tells me 400 watt is OK
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Recommended Power Supply Wattage Calculator> tells me 500 recommanded :(

I'm guessing this might be cutting it too close, but I wonder how much so? If the PSU wears out slightly faster thats acceptable. If it risks frying the hardware its not. Your thoughts welcome!
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