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My System Specs


I had this setup in an older smaller case which was giving me lots of grief,one day I will upgrade to the I-7 2600k Asrock makes an I-7 board with extra holes for my 775 CPU block which will be easy and cheap!
For now the E6600 running at 3.6 is working great with my new 6950 which if you look closely I've added some red led's to highlight the interior of the card, also added a uv led to the Asus northbridge cooler fan.
All my case fans are connected to the big fan control dial so I can control the speed.It's very quiet and the 6950 is also idling at 20% fan speed on auto.With this setup I am getting load temps of 55-56 after hours of demanding applications at 1.48 volts on cpu which is acceptable.
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