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That is big, but if you don't mind a couple of clarification questions.

First, when you say 'Crucial for school' you mean, you are going to school and don't want to lose work? Just because its a very different problem then 'I am responsible for the back-ups at my school, and the staff won't keep all the files on network drives'

Second, how much do you need to back up? If you are backing up other people's workstations you likely need to back up the O/S for a fast restore. If its for yourself, unless you have a load of apps/games you might want to concentrate on the data. I used Ghost way back when restoring my system meant reinstalling for hours and hours, and then scrounging up all the apps I use but don't actually have around. Now I find its easier to back my data online and/or between drives, and manually reinstall my O/S from scratch if needed.

And for any DEV work where I am more likely to have restore back to a good state, I just use a VM.
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