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Default Backup software/imaging or clone?

I'm finalizing a backup procedure. Crucial for school. Nobody answers because backup's not sexy, like a new build. Sucks to be me. Deciding between Acronis True Image, Eraseus Todo BU (free ed.) or maybe Ghost. Macrium Reflect free doesn't do incrementals. People swear Windows7 backup is ok or many say it's given them problems on a full restore.

Comes down to this: if Acronis True Image makes a partition on C: that is proprietary and unreadable (except by itself) then is that data vulnerable to virus/etc. simply by being on the same drive. I think yes. But this partition is 'hidden'. Do viruses not cross partitions?

If I can restore from the hidden partition on the same drive that's good. I plan on using DVD images and possibly a clone of the entire hard drive. I know Acronis can burn to DVD and clone. I'll deal with any resizing of paritions if neccessary. Here's what I have to work with: a 320GB w/ Win7 Pro (3 years old) & a new 500GB.

I want images on DVD that I can easily restore. I don't want to use the 500GB as a clone because I want to load another OS on it (I use a drive bay). My plan is to: A) move the data from C: to a new partition D, thereby downsizing the 'system' size, then B) save images of C: to DVD and to a partition on the new drive (same for data & incrementals).

I've read and read. Some people swear only a clone is 100% (re: disk signatures) but I imagine that view may be due to what imaging software gave them issues. Others use Acronis, etc. and imaging and say restore 100%. I'm guarding against virus and if this 3 yr old drive were to fail, & obviously restore to a different hard drive. Would I be safe from viruses if image or clone to another internal hard drive?

IF imaging/restore from DVD will not fail me, does anyone have recommendations? Anyone feel strongly that clone is the only way to go? I like the fact Acronis True Image can image the system stuff while Windows is running. I think it can also resize an image. Ghost creates a bootable DVD to restore from (using an image). Which of these is easiest to use to restore?

Thanks for the help,

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