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Originally Posted by ilya View Post
I'm going to miss the mesmer and interrupt/shutdown mechanics mechanics.

I never really managed to keep a guild together for consistent competitive GvG, (a bronze cape here and there) but tombs/HA was a lot of fun and I've lost countless hours of sleep in there. (HoH is bad for your health)

I do like the fact that GvG is going to be a "team skirmish" style of play. Removal of dedicated healers was a good idea, but I hope proactive protections will be available on the guardian class.
Well they still have one class left to releases I believe. So there could still be a mesmer type class. I had the same trouble with guilds, after my first competitive guild all the rest never lasted more than one season. The one with the most potential fell apart shortly before the end of season tournament (before AT's, when you had to be top 24 or whatever it was to get in). It was the first season after NF was released.

WIthout healers or at least some sort of prot there is some concern about spiking. Though based on that video with ~15k HP and skills that don't seem to do more than 1500 it might not be as much of an issue in 5v5.
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