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Default Guild Wars 2

Having really enjoyed the first, and still log in from time to time, I am looking forward to GW2.

ANet is demoing the game at gamescon and part of that is PvP. Some videos of actual PvP are surfacing such as:

Guild Wars 2: PvP Asura Dieb (Asura Thief) gamescom 2011 - YouTube

Anyone else play GW1 and was into PvP? What do you think of the "new" PvP in GW2.

I am not sure what to think of it, the "organised" PvP of GW2 seems more like Heroes Ascent than GvG. Even then Hero Battles is probably the best comparison, just instead of AI Heroes you play with actual people and capture points was one of my least favourite modes. Though they do mention that the capture point style won't be the only one. I will reserve final judgement until I can actually try it out, but I was really hoping for organised PvP to be more GvG than hero battles.

However they are also adding the ability to have player organised tournaments which might allow for more customization particularly player count.
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