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Yup I have both the CM and the original PAs. The CMs are superior in the following ways (personal opinion only, please dont take it as gospel):
1) Weight. The CMs are not as heavy as a log, and the weight is not on top of your head but on the sides. HUGE difference in neck fatigue after 8hr gaming marathons
2) Tweakability. The CMS speaker "location" is easily adjustable. The PAs are not
3) Both are "true 5.1 analog" BUT the CMs can be used in USB mode and that usb controller is killer feature.
4) Music reproduction. The PA are less than optimal at music (both 5.1 and stereo). The CMs may not be audiophile grade but they are in comparison to the PAs.
5) 2.1 sound is extremely less than optimal on the PAs. The CMs are very good when used as a stereo headset.
6) MIC. The PA's mic is not as precise nor as good as the CMs.
7) Looks. The CMs have classic good looks. The PAs do not and look down right outlandish in comparison.
8) Noise leakage. Even with the fixed version I have, the PAs are louder for other peeps in a room than the CMs.
9) Bass. The CMs actually HAVE bass. Its not great but its eons better than the thuds that the PAs produce (and this is saying something as the bass of the CM is its weakest link).
10) Movies. The Cms are actually useable for movies. The PAs are not.
11) Customer service. CM has great CS. From all reports I have heard...PA is less than optimal at this crucial aspect.
12) Good, bad, or indifferent CM supports all reviews on their products. As long as a review is fair and professional they respect your opinion.

I could go on, as this is just "off the top of my head" but you get the point.
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