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My System Specs


^^^ What martin just said x9001.

OP has shitty speakers and does not need a $500,000 7.1 sound card. A decent $80-$100 one will be plenty and keep him pleased for much time.

And silk, plz. 5.1 and 7.1 are not even related to OP's setup. He runs a 2.1 setup. If that is what he wants then that is all good. I myself run a 2.1 setup using a receiver, some speakers and a sub from a Z-2300 wired up with a custom controller to run independently. (I do not use the Z-2300 satellites because they are trash imo, but that is just my opinion. OP and some other people I know love their Z-2300 speakers. it is just a matter of taste.)
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