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Default Steam steam steam...

Well it looks like I'm screwed in getting any of the keys from my steam games off of my own pc as steam will not properly install, uninstall, or delete all the files in that or any other folder i attempt to install steam into. It always fails saying steam.exe cannot be written/edited due to insufficient rights. My profile is the administrator, i'm running it in admin mod, what the hell steam.

The only thing I can think of to attempt to get steam to work on my system again would be to nuke and pave, which i'd much like to avoid as I did a fresh install within the last month or so.

The oh so fantastic part about steam too is you can't see your keys unless you attempt to install the game, unless anyone knows another way around this? Hard to play the first borderlands DLC with my fiancee if neither of us can pull up our keys from steam due to the fact i cant install it on my computer and our connection to steam is intermittent at best. Its looking like I may shift more to D2D and Origin as I can at least look up my damn serial keys on their websites, no need for the desktop browser!
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